Over time, the earth around your lagoon, landfill, monofill, building, etc. begins to erode. Geissler Tree Farms offers an erosion control service to prevent this from happening or to correct and mitigate the erosion problem. Our solution is in full compliance with EPA, SAPP, QSP, QSD and SCAQMD requirements and policies. Each erosion solution we provide is environmentally friendly and can fix any commercial erosion problem.
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Our process begins with an onsite evaluation of the erosion problem’s type and severity. From there, we design an erosion and sediment control plan that complies with all environmental requirements in your state and is economically efficient for your company at the same time.

Hydroseeding involves spraying a mixture of fertilizer, trackifer, groundcover seeds, and mulch on dirt covered hillsides and slopes to prevent it from eroding further during the germination and maturation period of the ground cover.

Straw blankets are a temporary source of ground cover for channels and slopes while the permanent vegetation is germinating and maturing. These blankets allow the vegetation to germinate while providing protection from wildlife, moisture retention, slope protection, and helps prevent the seedlings from being washed away during harsh storms. We can accommodate any area with a variety of blanket types and sizes.

Straw wattles are temporary sediment barriers used to prevent the sediment from leaving a job site. They also slow down the stormwater in order to secure the sediments in the wattle. Straw wattles are an excellent preventative measure that can be implemented on a project before erosion becomes a problem.

When sandbags are filled and placed correctly, they can be very effective in redirecting debris away from land improvements. This method is not only economical but can prevent erosion from becoming an issue.

Silt fencing is a very common sediment barrier solution because of the different types that are available for use. There are several different grades, each specifically engineered for the different areas that need to be protected and the estimated flow rates and length of the project. If the area is critical or needs extra reinforcement, wire reinforcement and steel posts can be installed.

Geissler Tree Farms installs all of our erosion control solutions. We can also provide maintenance during and after a project when additional erosion control is necessary.

We offer concrete washout, street sweeping, dust control, roll-off trucks, and trash containers to help keep your job site clean during construction.